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Supporting Soul ... Supports YOU as you offer your gifts to the world.

Facilities at The Center include:

  • Professional workspace

  • Private consulting rooms

  • Large Room for Group Work 

  • Art Studio

  • Comfortable Waiting Room with Tea Service

  • Kitchenette

  • Ample Free Parking

  • Lockbox or Keyless Entry

  • Easy Freeway Access at Tigard Triangle

  • Excellent Food Choices Onsite and Nearby

  • Secure Wi-Fi High Speed Internet

  • Wireless Printer

  • Opportunities for Peer Support and Collaboration

  • Resources for Developing your Private Practice

Rent Office Space


Hourly Packages*

1-4 hr/month @ $15.00/hr

5-12 hr/month @ $13.00/hr

13-20 hr/month @ $11.00/hr

21-30 hr/month @ $10.00/hr

Weekly Packages*

1 day/wk @ $72.00/wk ($309/m0)

2 days/wk @ $132.00/wk ($568/mo)

3 days/wk @ $180.00/wk ($774/mo)

4 days/wk @ $216.00/wk ($928/mo)

5days/wk @ $240.00/wk ($1032/mo)

*One-Time Set-up Fee @ $115 includes:

  • your personal web page on The Center's website

  • Login/Password for Online Scheduler

  • Name Plate for Door of Consult Rm 

  • Entry Key Access

  • Orientation Package

- 6 and 12 month contracts available

- Deposit of 1 month's rent 

- Online Scheduler for flexibility

- Community Room & Art Studio Rental         available at discounted rate

Event Rental

Community Room and Art Studio

Rent our beautiful Community Room 

and/or Art Studio for your offerings.

All rent includes the use of  the kitchenette.


Community Room


Art Studio

$15.00/Hr *

Community Rm and Art Studio


*Materials add $3-5/person

Collaborators renting 5+ hrs/month are eligible for discounted rates: 

  • Community Rm @ $20/Hr

  • Art Studio @ $10/Hr

  • Community & Studio @ $30/Hr

One-Time Set Up Fee @ $50 includes:

  • Web Page on The Center's website to promote events

  • Inclusion on the Calendar Listing

  • Newsletter Mailing to promote events

  • Entry Key Access

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