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You are Invited

Thanks to all of you who provided feedback on your interest and vision for our community of spiritual companions.  Below is the brief summary of the information gathered:


1. Our Spiritual Community  is built on a foundation of inclusion and a shared sacred calling of spiritual accompaniment in its variety of forms.  


2. We identified a basic framework of 5 categories of regional community interest:  


  • professional development, 

  • community building, 

  • resources, 

  • education, and 

  • spiritual nourishment.  


3. Most of you expressed an interest in meeting quarterly as a large group with smaller groups organizing and meeting throughout the year depending upon interest and proximity.  This is a good start.  


4. Most of you also expressed an interest in meeting more frequently in the beginning as we are forming our community.

As we continue to grow and develop our group, feel free to step in to participate as you feel inspired.  

Contact us at  with ideas, input and questions.  Once we are more free to move around and gather safely, we will find ways to do so. Until then, care for yourselves and those within your reach with love and compassion.

Caryn, Margaret and Gemma

Regional Community Coordinators

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