Spiritual Directors' Regional Group

Companioning the Companions


and so it begins . . .

On Saturday, January 18th, 27 people gathered for the initial creation of a regional community of spiritual directors and companions in the Oregon and Southwest Washington area. Together we began to envision our community. We brainstormed what we need and how this group could function to meet these needs.

We are just beginning.  

There are over 40 more people who expressed interest in participating but were unable to come to the meeting.  And other folks we haven't even connected with yet!  


We want to hear from you!  We want your input to be part of this process.

So... we have a survey.  

Please take the time to fill out these 7 questions and add your thoughts to the creative cauldron to let us know how this community can serve you in your work of tending soul.  


Once we get the responses collected, we will consolidate the information and present it to you at the next meeting.  Stay tuned for more information to come! 

If you'd like to receive updates and information and you haven't already connected with us, please sign up for the mailing list below.  We will send updates and information to you about the continuing formation of our regional community.

Caryn Aman, Gemma Coffield and Margaret Greene are holding the space for the birth of this new community.  We are spiritual directors in the Portland area.  You can read more about us HERE.  




Phone:  971-249-3897

 Email: info@supportingsoul.com

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