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Caring Deeply for Ourselves:  Tending the Heart of the Professional Caregiver

Are you a professional caregiver?  Do you offer yourself in support of others?   

Are you feeling ready for some self care?  Would you like to nourish yourself?

In a supportive community, we will explore rituals of renewal and repair in order to keep our minds, hearts, and bodies nourished and radiant. Participants will explore a variety of practices - from contemplative to playful - to identify those that resonate most with their needs and natures.

Each month will include:

  • Community Support and Collaboration

  • Creative, Fun and Contemplative Self Care

  • Grief Tending

  • Working through Barriers to Self Nurture

  • Weaving Self Care into our Daily Lives


First Meeting:

To Be Rescheduled 

Sliding Scale:  $20-35

Facilitated by:  Jackie Fowler and Maureen McCormick

For more information and to register:

Contact Maureen at 503-201-1216 or Jackie at 503-327-4572 with your interest

Or email  Jackie or Maureen

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