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Winter Solstice Retreat

Come away!

December 21st

9:30 am - 6:00pm


Winter Solstice has been a traditional time to consider the play of darkness and light in our lives. It is a day to notice, tend, pray, and plan for the next few months as we wait for the light to grow again


Gather together to tend your inner light. 


Here, we will celebrate, contemplate, and grow using a variety of spiritual practices including collage, labyrinth, beauty walking, and more! 


An entire day of spiritual growth. 

$100.00 includes lunch and art supplies. 

Call or text Kristin Anderson, M.Div at (907) 717-4844 or email 


Kristin is a skilled leader and a deep listener. Having been a seeker of Wisdom all her life, she was recently awarded a Master of Divinity from Marylhurst University. Experiencing a re-birth and new calling after teaching in the classroom for 20 years, she has turned her attention to guiding adults toward a deeper connection with the Earth, the Holy, and themselves.

She is passionate about building bridges between the outdoors and the heart, gently leading and shepherding clients, helping to navigate their own sacred journeys into healing and wholeness. There is beauty in the balancing of community worship and contemplative practices; for deepest connection, there is a both/and that begs to be expressed.

As a Soul Care provider, Kristin organizes and leads retreats in a variety of settings. From seasonal retreats in beautiful Hope, Alaska, to mini half-days in and around the green spaces of Anchorage and beyond; Kristin is highly flexible leading small groups or designing custom retreats.

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