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We are working our way back to activity very slowly.  Our groups are still on hold for now.  If you are interested in any programs, email us to let us know.  We will contact you directly when we reschedule.


Please feel free to contact us if you are in need of renting space. Here is some preliminary information.  

If you are planning to visit for an appointment, you are welcome.  The Center continues to be very quiet and we have increased our office hygiene to counter the possibility of contact transmission.  We are also set up for online appointments if that feels most comfortable to you.  If you have any questions, just email us.

It is our mission to Wholeheartedly Support Soul.  We will be doing this with enthusiasm in the days to come.  We ask each of you to be a point of light on the net of compassion we spread across our city. 

We send you our love and care,   Margaret and Caryn

We Welcome You

Caryn is a Jungian soul-centered therapist, spiritual director and workshop facilitator working with individuals, couples, and families to explore, heal, and follow the soul's directions.



Caryn Aman

Luly is a hypnotherapist with a passion for taking people on amazing journeys into their very being.  Find out more HERE.

FOR FB 2019.jpg

Regressive Hypnotherapist, QHHT

Luly MacPharlaine

Gemma is a Buddhist monk and spiritual director offering centered listening and deep reflection to spiritual seekers.


Spiritual Director

Gemma Coffield

Carole is a heart-centered song leader, writer, and coach passionate about supporting others to embrace life and experience joy, even in the midst of loss and change.


Simply Singing 

Carole Marie Downing

Ilene has worn many hats in the field of education over the past 35 years including teacher, family partnership and education coordinator, advocate, teacher coach, adult educator and administrator.


Compassionate Listening Facilitator

Ilene Stark

Cora is a deeply spiritual person with a warm welcome for people of all faiths.  She created the 19 Badi Calendar Cards that support a daily prayer practice. 

Cora Palazzolo

Interfaith Prayer Leader

Cora Palazollo

Margaret is an artist, a creative process facilitator, and a spiritual director.  She meets with individuals and runs group workshops focusing on freeing people to live soul- expressed authentic lives.

Margaet Greene


Margaret Greene

Certified Dance Leaders with over 35 years of experience, Michael and Michelle bring passion and ease to the circle. 

Muka Noblewood 72-6 high.jpg

Dances of Universal Peace 

Michael Sheehan


Carolyn is a senior instructional designer and award-winning writer whose creative learning experiences, in groups and one-on-one, educate, inspire and transform audiences.


Marketing Map and More

M. Carolyn Miller, MA

Ali Grimshaw contributes to the world as an educator, life coach, mother and poet.  She is passionate about empowering others. 


Life by Design: Inspirational Workshops

Ali Grimshaw

Amanda is a retired OB nurse who decided to explore the similarities between death and birth.  She is passionate about both!  


Certified Death Midwife

Amanda Rose, RN BSN




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