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The Grand Game of Story™

Pilot Group Forming for January 2020

Every time you face a transition, be it emotional, physical or spiritual, you face the Call to Adventure, as Joseph Campbell named it, to recreate your life. This 3-month program provides a path, tools and processes, fellow travelers, and a seasoned guide for the journey. But it also goes deeper, and provides a gateway into the magical wonderland of your own personal mythology.

What you’ll walk away with from this free Information Session:

  • A map of the mythic path through transitions

  • An aerial view of the landscape of personal mythology

  • A “look see” at some of the program’s tools and processes

  • Expected outcomes and logistical information

  • A sense of the community you’ll travel with

  • Clarity about your own personal next steps

About the Pilot Designer/Facilitator:

M. Carolyn Miller, MA, is a senior instructional designer and professional writer. She was also the first participant for this program. It was the subject of her graduate thesis, and grew out of a personal need to recreate her life after multiple losses. A story and game-maker by trade, Carolyn’s discovery of personal mythology changed her life, her work, and her worldview.




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