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Isn't It Time to Share Your Gifts

With the World?

The Marketing Map

For transformative and intuitive artists, therapists,

spiritual directors, coaches, and other way-showers


This 6-part “hands on” program for solo and small service-based businesses guides you through a marketing roadmap designed specifically for social artists, by a social artist. What better way to launch/re-launch your business?



  • Clarity about your business vision and how to monetize it

  • Information about your market, in part to identify how to stand out

  • Insights about your ideal client, including what keeps her up at night

  • How to position your services as the best solution to your customer’s pain

  • Ways to package/productize your services to more easily sell them

  • How to “story” what you do to effectively communicate your value

  • "Messaging” and brand basics, including easy how-to’s for content marketing

  • Strategies for building, feeding and managing your (client) network easily


Program Features:

  • An 80-page workbook that includes unique tools such as The Business Blueprint, Map Your Methodology, and Dial in Your Brand, to use on your own business

  • A seasoned scout who was the first “student” for this course and, today, is still applying these marketing concepts to her own soul-based business

  • An “incubator” experience for applying what you learn as you learn it, and for business problem-solving and “best practices” sharing on a regular basis.


What Past Graduates Have to Say:

  • Carolyn…taught us from session to session to build a map that will guide our business for years to come.

  • This course has grounded my hopes and aspirations in a realistic context. I have all the steps I need to take it out into the world with confidence.

  • The cohort was invaluable. Doing it in person was incredibly powerful.

  • [The course] was well worth the money I spent on it.

  • I learned that I can take my dream and make it a reality by learning to package it and connect with the people who want it.

  • [Carolyn] has an excellent, warm style of teaching that makes the room safe to risk and grow and be authentic.



For more information and to register

Contact Carolyn Miller at 


About the Course Designer/Facilitator:  M. Carolyn Miller, MA is a senior instructional designer and award-winning writer who, mid-career, redirected her own gifts toward the mental health industry.  President of the Portland Chapter of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, Carolyn is also the author of Entrepreneurship (McKinley College, 2008), numerous articles on small business and designer/developer of entrepreneurial programs for high growth start-ups.

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